Budgeting Planning and Cost Control Training

After completing the course, participants will be able to:
* Provide the participant with an understanding of the essential elements of financial planning, costing, budgeting and project appraisal
* Review of the concept and practice of budgeting and cost control


1. Introduction to Budgeting, Accounting and Cash Flow Management

* Types of Budget
* Advantages and Disadvantages of Budgets
* Budgeting Processes
* Understanding Control Mechanisms

2. Preparing Budget Forecasts

* Collecting and Collating Information
* Forecasting Revenues and Incomes
* Forecasting Expenses

3. Presenting Budget Forecasts

* Budget Committees
* Winning in Committee
* Developing a Master Budget
* Building in Control and Safeguards

4. Monitoring Budgets

* Monitoring Processes
* Analyzing Income; Analyzing Expenditures
* Ratio Analysis

5. Controlling Budgets

* Identifying Significant Variances
* Boosting Revenues; Controlling Costs
* Making Changes; Tool for Decision Making

6. The Money Cycle in the Business

* Sales Income; Fixed Assets
* Fixed and Variable Costs
* Management of Working Capital

7. Constructing Budgets on Spreadsheets

* Advantages of Spreadsheets
* Logical Budget Models
* Implementing Spreadsheet Models

8. Getting Buy-In To Budgets

* Getting Commitment at Budget Preparation
* Agreeing and Committing to of Budget Targets
* Human Aspects of Monitoring Budgets
* Human Aspects of Control
* Course Review
* Course Evaluation

9. Cost Management and Analysis

* Cost Behavior
* Break-Even Analysis
* Contribution Analysis
* Standard Costing and Variance Analysis
* Cost Analysis
* Analysis of Conventional and Problem
* Layered Profitability Analysis
* Using the Activity Analysis
* The Dimensions of Customer
* Difference between Customer and Product Analysis based on : Whether the Product can be Used Directly to Customers Indirectly and Vice Versa
* Suitability of Various Cost Approach: Traditional and Activity Based
* Cost Analysis in the New Environment the Current Manufacture
* Volume Chain Analysis
* Mini Cases

10. Emerging Cost Management Techniques

* Activity Based Management
* Target Costing
* Throughput Accounting
* Relevant and Irrelevant Costs
* Course Review and Evaluation




Case Study


Budgeting Planning and Cost Control Training
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